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Thursday, 2 September 2010

How Nigerian Embassy Officially Celebrates Country's Independent Golden Jubilee

By ANH                                                                       

Apart from the Jum’aat Service which was not observed perhaps due to misunderstanding and lack of communication between the coordinator and the Mosque, all the events lined up to mark the one-week Golden Independent Jubilee ran according to plan.

Monday, 30 August 2010


Dial F for Fraud
By Emmanuel Ogala 
On a Thursday night in early January this year, Pascal Adeniyi had just had dinner and was getting ready to go to bed when his phone beeped, indicating that he had received a text message. He picked up the phone and lay back on his pillow to read the message. Very quickly, he sat up on his bed with a broad smile on his face as he read the text message for the second time. The message said that he has been selected to participate in a contest where he could win N10 million and a car. To participate, he was asked to reply “yes” to the text.

The message was from a short code, 555, used by his service provider, Glo, for promotional purposes. Mr. Adeniyi replied to the message quickly and a simple question was sent back to him. He answered the first question and was immediately pulled into in a maze of unending question and answer texts which lasted five days and cost him a total of N35, 000 on his contract plan.

Mr. Adeniyi, like millions of mobile telephone subscribers in Nigeria, has been a victim of what appears to be a new kind of fraud currently flooding the largely unregulated but booming short code and mobile telephone value-added service industry in Nigeria. Mr. Adeniyi feels cheated but at least, his loss was to a legitimate game, the widely advertised “Glo Text a Million Season 2 Promo” in which many people have been shown on television to have won prizes. There are, however, many people losing money to scores of other ‘not advertised’ scam mobile telephone value-added services.

10 digit scam

Tochi Ude, for instance, was defrauded on his MTN phone by a different type of deceptive value-added service with a number longer than most short codes. While at work in November last year, he got a text on his phone from an unusual 10 digit number, 9609908918.

“Hi, I tried to call you, call me back on this number. +9609908918,” the message read. He quickly dialled the number and an automated voice answered, asking him to wait while his service was sorted. He waited.

“I thought it was one of my friends in India, because the numbers looked like an Indian code,” Mr. Ude said.

It turned out to be an unending Interactive Voice Response (IVR) leading him through a maze of options and encouraging him to stay longer online. Eventually, his air time ran out. He spent five minutes on the call but never got to speak to anyone and could not find out who it was that wanted to reach him. He hung up and checked his balance. He was billed N500 for the five minutes he spent with the IVR.

“Each minute cost N100, but the text never said that,” he said. “The number was strange and there was no detail about the service provider and the cost. Just the one sentence in the message.”

Later, he contacted his three friends in India and all said they didn’t try to reach him at that time. He got the same text three times that month but never called it after the first scam. A couple of his friends also got similar messages in December but in a different form and from a different number.

Ojoma Ocheja was scammed by a similar scheme. Last week, she got a text from a 10-digit number, 6703302973. The message said a secret admirer had sent her a love song. The text instructed her to call +6703302973 to hear the song and the identity of the person that sent her the song.

“There was no information of the cost of the service in the text neither did the service providers indicate their identity so I thought it was from MTN,” Ms. Ocheja said. She called the 10-digit number. It turned out to be an unending IVR. She dropped the call three minutes later, after she sensed that there was something wrong.

“I didn’t hear both the song and the identity of the sender,” she said. “Rather, the female voice at the IVR continuously gave me options luring me on.”

Moneyed scheme

According to statistics from the National Communication Commission, as at September 2010, there were 75.362 million active GSM lines in Nigeria; all of them vulnerable to these scams which come in different formats across networks of various service providers. If 0.1 percent of the active subscribers spend at least a minute calling any of these services each day, subscribers will lose N7.536 million daily, N52.753 million in a week and N1.582 billion in a month. If 1 percent of the active subscribers use the service at the same rate, they will be defrauded of N15.82 billion in one month. All victims interviewed by NEXT say they received the messages more than once and spent more than a minute on the call.

“Curiosity will keep you on the call,” Mr. Ude said.

The telephone numbers that were used to defraud Mr. Ude and others in November were different from those other complainants got in December and yet, different from the numbers being used in the scheme now. Each of them is deactivated for the next scam — with new formats — a NEXT investigation has revealed.

No regulation

Although this segment of the mobile communication industry spins billions of naira monthly, mostly for service not rendered, the sector is not regulated. On April 8, 2010, Ernest Ndukwe, then executive vice chairman of the NCC, which regulates telecoms and operations in Nigeria, met with his fellow board members in Abuja for a public inquiry into the proposed guidelines on short code operations in Nigeria. Eleven months later, the guidelines are still in a draft form but millions of Nigerians have been scammed and lost money and there is no way to trace the perpetuaters of the scam. Basher Gwandu, the executive commissioner, technical services at NCC, said the commission is still working on regulating the short code industry. promising to “investigate further including the Glo number”.

The only form of regulation for the short code in the telecoms industry, currently, is a non-legally binding code of conduct document offered by Wireless Application Service Providers’ of Nigeria (WASPN). WASPN is a voluntary organization based in Lagos and admits third-party content developers — most of whom own the short code services and use traditional network providers — who are willing to give them a platform.

“Not all content developers are members of WASPN ...neither are they obligated to join,” Eunice Benjamin Ade, the business application manager of WASPN told NEXT.

Mrs. Ade explained that it is only members of the association that are bound by its code of conduct. She disowned the various fraudulent service providers mentioned in this story saying: “I want to assure you that it is not emanating from any WASPN member, because they are bound by the code of conduct,” she said.

As things stand, it appears that the first line of security and protection from fraudulent content developers is the service provider. The service provider is the bridge between the subscriber and the content developer. The service providers deduct money from the subscribers’ accounts and share this revenue with the content developers.

However, since there are no laws or guidelines for the short code industry, subscribers are at the mercy of their providers’ ability to sniff out, con artistes. At the moment, service providers don’t appear to be doing a decent job at this. There are also, of course, promos that are conducted by the service providers themselves, like the one Mr. Adeniyi participated in. These come with the traditional “terms and condition” for its use. However, a lot of its users like Mr. Adeniyi say they feel cheated.

“I think it is a fraudulent game,” Iyabo Oyelese, another subscriber said. She argued that the game is “unreasonably too long” and does not provide sufficient information about the cost.

Bode Opeseitan, the spokesperson for Glo could not be reached for comments on these allegations. He did not answer calls neither did he reply to text messages from NEXT.

MTN promised to respond to questions concerning the fraud practised via its network, but the reaction never came.

While service providers drag their feet in providing protection to their subscribers from fraudsters, and the NCC finetunes the short code guidelines, experts advise subscribers to stay way from these schemes, and when they feel they want to give it a shot, they should only to put at stake telephone credit they feel they can afford to lose. source: NEXT

PLANTA AD (1975)
The perennial favourite!
Cabin Biscuit, has not changed since I was in baording school. This was one of the provisions (alongside, Milo, Nido, sugar cubes, Blue band, Garri etc) that I took at the beginning of each term.

I would then have to wait until visiting day for replenishment of provisions
....And one more unchanged in appearance. Reminds me of Titus and Queen of the South Sardines
Titus Sardines....a mainstay in Nigerian homes and boarding schools.
Allenbury's glucose d, always came in handy
Other contemporaries were Canoe Soap, Blue soap, Reckitts Blue and that packet starch
you are watching the Tv and enjoying the show, millions of your friends are watching do you know so make it a party cos your your friends are here, for a real good party all you need is star beer! star star star...enjoy the brighter!
She's beautiful, she's lovely, she takes your breath away.....with Nku the natural skin beauty. Nku making more women more beautiful everyday.
Another one of Nigeria's favourite hydroquinone-loaded skin-toning beauty lines, Venus de Milo.
AMEBO had it that ,Venus still better pass Ambi - but now the women don radicalize! Na customized concoctions - strips you of melanine....a precusor to Fela's "Yellow Fever"
Nigeria Magazine #71 - December 1961
Nigeria Magazine #71 - December 1961
Bata Cortina were a school staple. Later, came Lucky sandals. I don't know of anyone whom went to primary school in the mid to late 1970's whom did not wear either of these two sandals
Nigeria Magazine #71 - December 1961
Oh the days of Kingsway and Leventis. When Nigeria was Nigeria.Kingsway = Meatpie
Issue of Chris Okolie's Newbreed magazine chronicling "Nigeria's saddest soccer year," featuring Sam Ojebode (of the IICC Shooting Stars, Ibadan) and Christian Chukwu (of the Enugu Rangers) on the cover.

Sam Ojebode and Christian Chukwu, the captains of IICC Shooting Stars and Rangers International respectively. The two biggest teams in the country at the time and the fiercest rivals. This photo was before the Challenge Cup finals that year. This was the year Godwin Odiye, spared us from qualifying for the World Cup
Nigeria Magazine #71 - December 1961
Advert for United Bank for Africa, Ltd.

It was only in the 80' they remembered to add - 'And Women Too' when they probably realized that the women economic power was on the rise
An ad for Ultra Tone, one of the early popular bleaching creams.


Ola Jay: The ad text reads at end of the 1st paragraph, "No man can resist the lovelier lighter completion that Ultra Tone gives you..." Well, this one did!
MORGANS POMADE (1974) the business of getting younger is an old one. Then,let them start production again. I need this pomade right now.......lolMorgan's pomade had a 'brother' called "Sulphur 8". I can smell them still. We could not pronounce "Sulphur" then and called it "Suffer 8".
Nigeria magazine no 64, March 1960
Which kind wahala be dis.!

While visiting a very rich friend, the maid approached me & see me see trouble ooo. 

Question: Sir, what would you like to have, fruit juice, soda, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, frapuccino or coffee?
Answer:    Tea please.
Question :   Ceylon tea, Indian tea, herbal tea, bush tea, honey bush tea, iced tea or green tea?
Answer:     Ceylon tea please.
Question :  How would you like it, black or white?
Answer:    White.
Question : Milk or fresh cream?
Answer:    With milk.
Question : Goat's milk or cow's milk?
Answer;    With cow's milk please.
Question : Freeze land cow or Afrikaner cow?
Answer:    Umm, think I'll just take it black.
Question : Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?
Answer:    With sugar.
Question : Bee sugar or cane sugar?
Answer:    Cane sugar.
Question : White, brown or yellow sugar?
Answer:   Oya, forget about the tea, just give me a glass of water instead.
Question: Mineral water, tap water or distilled water?
Answer:    Mineral water.
Question : Flavoured or non-flavoured?
Answer:    Abeg, I think I'll just die of thirst.
Which kind wahala be dis.



1034 Budapest - Sző utca 8. - Hungary
Tel: 06 1 420 2050, fax: 06 1 430 2051

On the Launching and Statutory Meeting of the
Hungarian–Nigerian Business Council Non-profit Association
Budapest, Hungary, 1st December, 2010

“As a follow-up to the achievements of the ceremonial conference and business meeting organised by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in September on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Nigerian State, the Hungarian–Nigerian Business Council Non-profit Association was founded on 26th November, 2010” – announced by Mr János Kristóf, Co-Chairman of the newly established organization.

In the joint office building of the African Trade and Development Office (ATDO Global), the Hungarian Africa Platform and the HTS Consulting Ltd, located in District III, the Hungarian–Nigerian Business Council was founded amid the acclamation of more than thirty Hungarian and Nigerian businessmen and research associates. Mr Adedotun Adenrele Adepoju, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Nigeria was also present, as well as numerous Hungarian and Nigerian businessmen and university leaders, who had been known in Hungary for their enthusiastic commitment towards the strengthening and development of Hungarian–African and Hungarian–Nigerian relations.

“The foundation of the Business Council is forward-looking and represents a strong will to act” – emphasized by Mr Adedotun Adenrele Adepoju, Chargé d’Affairs of the Nigerian Embassy in Budapest. This commitment is of crucial importance in the strengthening of the relations between the two countries, as this summer the Hungarian Embassy in Nigeria was unfortunately closed. The business council therefore aspires to compensate for the lack of communication channels and activities, in cooperation with the Budapest Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigerian citizens living, working or studying in Hungary, Hungarian businessmen and private individuals, as well as the Hungarian community and business ventures existing in Nigeria.

An important objective of the business council is to promote business relations between the two countries not only targeting pure business advantages but also to strengthen and support education, culture, equal opportunities and other social activities. This is why members of the association felt the necessity to form the Hungarian-Nigerian Business Council as a non-profit association.

Members of the Business Council elected Mr János Kristóf and Mr Oladele Ajayi as Co-Chairmen. Mr Péter Morenth, a passionate representative of Hungarian–African relations for many years, was voted for the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Mr Adedotun Adenrele Adepoju, Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy of Nigeria was elected Honorary Chairman, as his committed activity towards the development of bilateral business relations between Hungary and Nigeria largely contributed to the foundation of the Hungarian–Nigerian Business Council.

Members also elected an Honorary Member, Mr Endre Déri, a successful Hungarian businessman living in Nigeria, who has also devoted to the improvement of Hungarian business activities in Nigeria for decades. The Board consists of both Hungarian and Nigerian members, to ensure the prevalence of joint interests in the activity and the achievements of the business council.

This communique has been released jointly by the Board of the Hungarian–Nigerian Business Council and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Budapest.

Further information:
Mr János Kristóf
Tel.: +36 1 430 2050  Fax: +36 1 430 2051
Ms. Patricia Török
Tel.: +36 1 212 2022

    Magyar-Nigériai Üzleti Tanács – Hungarian-Nigerian Business Council  


What would you do if you discover that your spouse lied to you about his or her age?
By Rachael Agunta

Some people don’t find it difficult to tell lies. They can lie to their friends, parents, husbands, wives, colleagues, bosses and even to men of God. Lie is one of the things God detest and even the holy book calls devil the father of all lies and it says that anyone who lies is the son of the devil. Saturday Sun went to town to ask people what they would do if they discover that their spouses lied to them about their ages. We came back with these views:
Ahaiba Shagari
Age differences cannot be a barrier and is not even necessary to confront her.
The issue of the age is insignificant on my side. I will not worry about it. If it happens, I will forget about the whole issue and move forward.

Aminu Audu
There is no cause for alarm. It will not bother me because the issue of age is a very harmless issue and it will not even worry me. I will not even do anything about it but simply forget about it. What matters most is love and understanding. If love and understanding are there, I will let the sleeping dog lie.

Ikejiofor Maxwell
I will not be happy with her for a while but for the fact that I love her, I will forgive her and life goes on.

Enobong Dickson
Age-related lies are almost becoming fashionable in this part of the world. I simply would not take it for an offence. Whatever age she must have told me does not really matter here. After all, the difference might just be a discrepancy. Lies over age can not stop our love.

Udoka Chinyere
I will do absolutely nothing. He is my husband. I did not marry him because of age. I did because I love him and I also saw in him the kind of man I wanted to live with. To me, age does not count much.

Uzoma St Alice
I will be furious with him initially. In any case, I am supposed to know his age before the wedding because we both would submit our baptismal cards before our wedding. However, the reason I would be angry with him is that as a couple, we are supposed to live by the truth and nothing else. If a man should lie to a woman at the beginning of the relationship, then he would always lie to her. I don’t find such lies funny but at the same time, it is not enough to ruin a relationship.

Chioma Udeagbala
I will not do anything. I will not even do what a dead rat can do. What is my business if he lies about his age? Would his age take care of me and the children? Will his age make him richer or poorer? It is nothing as far as I am concerned.

Amaka Ugwueze
Age does not mean anything to me. What matters to me is how he takes care of me and the children. It might interest you to know that girls of nowadays prefer men who are much older because they are the ones who lavish money on them and they are very caring.

Nancy Imhanbor
I will be angry with him for a while. If he should lie about common age, then, he will lie about everything. It simply shows that he is not a truthful and sincere person because it is deceit. I will be depressed. I will find it difficult to believe everything he says.

Olabode Oluwanishola
For the fact that he lied, I will be disappointed initially. However, true love counts no wrongs. So, I will definitely forgive him. Moreover, lying about age is better than him having a child outside. There are marriages where the women are older than the men, yet, they are living happily. It will be most heartbreaking to find out that after living with your husband for years, he would wake up one day to tell you that he has a child somewhere. So, let him lie about his age. I will endure it.

Ifeyinwa Agbakuru
Love endures all things. So, I will endure and do nothing about it. Age is a number. Definitely, the love I have for him would conquer the lies. Once there is love between us, we will laugh it off. For me, lying about his age is better than lying that he does not have HIV when he does. I am not saying that my husband has HIV, I am only saying that there are people who would be HIV positive and they would pretend about it. What could be more deceitful than that? Many men have infected their wives with that. So, age is nothing.

Rachael Adu
I am a Christian; so, I can forgive all things. Moreover, I will try to find out why he lied to me because love can make someone to lie. If you love somebody and you do not want to lose him or her, you can lie to cover up some things in order to get who you love. No matter his reasons for lying to me about his age, I will forgive him.

Samson Okerinde
Age means nothing to me. As long as I love her, I will not feel offended because age is just a number. What I desire is a successful marriage. She can be older or younger. I don’t care provided we are living happily.

Charles Adegbite
Women are known to be lying about their ages. If I find out that she lied about her age, it will not mean anything to me because it is an established fact that no woman admits her real age. I don’t know why it is so but only a few women do.

Bola Taiwo
Knowing that he lied about his age will not move me. It will not even annoy me because the older he is, the more mature, caring and tolerant he would be. I don’t care about his age. All I need is his care. If he gives me what I want, what will I be doing with his age? If you go out with a young boy, you will understand what heartbreak is all about. They are so reckless, heartless and careless. The older men for me, are the ultimate.

Hassan Hassan
Age is nothing. It does not count. I think what everyone should be interested in should be how to have a successful relationship. I like mature ladies because they give fewer problems than the young ones who would always have excuses to give. Not only that they will be giving excuses, they can date five men at a time and there is nothing you can do about it. What I want in life is an understanding companion irrespective of age.

Emuwo Prisca
Age is not a barrier to love, so I will do nothing. If I truly love him, then I will love him no matter his age.

Do you pick your spouse’s call?
By Rachael agunta and Agulana Vivian

Ogochukwu Ezeolisa
Marriage is not a bed of roses. While some couples endure, others enjoy. However, whether you enjoy or endure, depends on how you plan yours. To some, they have do’s and don’t’s while some simply avoid whatever they know would cause them pains or bring disunity between them as couples. Most people pick their spouses’ calls to monitor if they are cheating on them. Some others don’t because they have been warned not to. Saturday Sun went to seek people’s opinion on this issue. We came back with these views.
Emeka Osuiwu
Yes, I do because, she is my wife. I am married to her. We made a vow, so I have the full right to pick her calls but that is, if the phone is around or with me.

Adibe Austin
No, I am a jealous person. Picking my spouse’s call may trigger my annoyance because, I may answer the call and it will bring problems that can lead to the end of the relationship. So, I can’t pick her calls, even if the caller keeps calling.

Ahamefuna Manna
Yes, if I am close to her phone, I can pick it. We are in a relationship that breeds trust. We pick each other’s calls and that is how it would continue to be.

Mohammed Saliu
What would I achieve by picking his calls? If for any reason I do that, then it would be without ill-feelings. I don’t think it is right to want to know who calls her and why he or she is calling. I don’t expect her too to want to know who calls me either. It is not maturity for couples to be picking each other’s calls except there is need for such.

Taiwo Olaniyan
Yes, I do. She too picks mine. We understand and trust each other. We are not suspecting anything and that is why she picks my calls. I don’t bother if she does that hundred times in a day. She is my wife, so, she has the right till death do us part.

Amina Abdul
If he does not allow me to pick his calls, then, he has something he is hiding from me. It could either be that he is cheating on me, or that he does not love me. For me, I would not stop my husband from picking my calls except he chooses not to. On the other hand, if he chooses not to pick my calls, then I will accord him the respect he accords me by not picking his.

Akpabio Vincent
If there is need for me to pick her calls, I will, but if there is no need. I will ignore it even if the caller persists. However, that does not mean that I would pick offence if she picks mine. It is only a man who engages in extra-marital affairs who would not want his wife to pick his calls. At the same time, it is an adulterous woman that would be hiding her phone from her husband. Whichever way, it is okay by me.

Yes, because we are in a relationship. I love her so much, and she is someone I am so close to, someone that I share intimacy with. I have the right to pick her calls and I do.

Dennis Okwu
Sometimes, I do pick her calls, most especially, when she is not with her phone. She may be in the kitchen or busy with something else and her phone would ring. If that is the case, I can pick the phone and tell the caller to call back later.

I do because, we are one. Likewise, he has the right to pick mine because I don’t have any hidden agenda. My spouse should be free to pick my calls anytime any day, but, that is if he allows me to pick his.

Macxine Oguike
No, I can never pick my spouse’s call, because the last time I did that, it was something else. Although it was my fault, I misunderstood the caller and nagged and complained so bitterly that he left the house. Since then, I vowed not to pick his calls again.

Nkechi Ezerechi
Yes, I pick my husband’s call when he is not around. I don’t see anything wrong with him picking my calls or I picking his. I am a child of God and he is too. The Bible says that we are one. If we are one, then whatever belongs to him belongs to me and vice versa. Do you know that something that needs urgent attention may be happening in the village and if I don’t pick his calls when he is not around, maybe, by the time he would pick the call, something bad may have happened. Besides, he is not hiding anything from me and I am not doing same either. Whoever is with the phone picks the call whether it is my phone or his.

Oluchi Ejiogu
No, I don’t pick my husband’s call. I owe him that respect. It is not that he warned me not to, but I don’t like it. Nevertheless, if he is not with his phone and call comes in, if I look at it and know the caller, I may pick to tell him or her to call back. I believe it is couples who have secrets they do not want their spouses to know that feel bad when such happens. For us as a couple, we are not hiding anything from each other.

Ogochukwu Ezeolisa
I don’t do that. It is not as if he would complain if I do, but we accord each other that respect. He picks mine only when I tell him to do so. So, I reciprocate his respect for me by not picking his or wanting to know who calls him and why he or she calls.

Would you marry a certified gay or lesbian?
By Vivian Onyebukwa, Rachael Agunta and Anthony Obi

Marriage is a union between man and woman. However, due to civilization, people of same sex now have feelings for each other and they practise homosexuality or lesbianism. If you discover that someone you want to marry is engaged in such an act, would you go ahead to marry him or her? This question was posed to some people and they responded as follows. 

Amaka Nzeribe
I will like to marry a certified God fearing man.

Isaac J. Obasi
Never and over my dead body. I will not, knowingly or unknowingly. Even if I marry a certified lesbian unknowingly, the day I find out, marks the end of our marriage.

Abbey City
No. I can’t even marry a lesbian because they are just like dogs to me. They are useless. I have nothing to do with them.

Jake Shaibu
Marry Gay? That’s the height of human debasement and an anathema. God asked Prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute-Gomer to prove a point. Lesbianism is demonic.

Sajere Divine
It is totally impossible. I cannot marry a lesbian because biblically, it is wrong. I was discussing with my wife’s uncle recently, when we were watching two women that got wedded on TV. He asked my opinion and I told him that it is demonic. When God created Adam, He saw that it was not good for him to be alone and He created a woman for him. Therefore, a man and a woman should be together and not the other way round. Moreover, when a man and a woman get into a union, it produces blessings. It is demonic for such people to have sex. The sight of it alone is even irritating. The other day in my office, a man walked in. From the tone of his voice, I thought it was a woman but he got closer, I discovered it was a man. I felt so bad within me. Moreover, if you marry a woman you know is a lesbian, would you be angry if you come home one day and see her with her female lover? Prevention I think is better than cure.

Sajere Marvel
It is abnormal for a man to be sleeping with a fellow man. Therefore, I cannot marry such a person. There is a lot to it. You already know he has feelings for men. So, you can never satisfy him. I can’t imagine myself in such a situation. How would I feel when I go out or even see the man visit him? It is demonic and against the will of God. Do you remember it was because of this act that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah?

Ovie Akpobome
God forbid! I have so many reasons I should not marry such a woman. Apart from the fact that it will hinder my progress generally, it will always cause me pains. This is something that has so many disadvantages. The Bible says that sin is a reproach to a nation, even a person or family. Marrying such a woman automatically brings a curse upon one.

Taiwo Ola
Please, don’t even go there. Of what benefit would that be to me? So, after making love to her, she would go and complete it with her female lover. The thought is annoying.

Ukamaka Ikeh
Per adventure, I marry him before finding out that he is a homosexual, I will divorce him immediately, let alone going into a relationship with him when I already know he does that.

Friday Ozor
I will not try it. I won’t even love a woman who is a lesbian let alone marrying her. Such a woman will bring curse on the entire family.

Idera Oluwa
I can’t marry a gay because to me marrying him is like marrying a fellow woman. You can imagine your man making excuses whenever you want him because of a male lover he has outside. I view such people as women.

Patience Ikhalo
I cannot marry a gay for security purpose. If I marry such a man, I will be exposing any male child we have to inheriting such unholy act from his father and even if we have a male househelp, he could be doing it with the poor boy.

Evelyn John
No! A gay is like a leopard whose spots can never be washed off no matter what you do about it. He may pretend he loves you but nothing will stop him from not keeping a man lover outside. I can’t even imagine it.

Dede Daniel
Yes, I can marry him if he is loaded enough to make me comfortable. If it comes to making love since he has a man outside that satisfy him, I will also look for a cute guy that will be taking his place in that area.

Emeka John
I will marry a lesbian on one condition, which is, if she is very rich. Thank God for science. Making babies will be easy. Since there is money,s we would extract sperm from me and put it in her.

How would you cope with a super stud?

Coping with a super stud is not a child’s play. When a man cannot do without sex, it could lead to heartbreak, hurts and infidelity if the man’s partner does not have the strength to withstand his demands. Some too, prefer it if a man is sexually active and can satisfy them any time, any day. Saturday Sun went to town to ask women how they would cope with a super stud. They responded as follows.
Nkoku Chioma Chinyere
It won’t be easy at all considering the stress that one will have to go through because of frequent sex. I will pray for my partner and suggest to him to get help from a psychologist, so that he will remove his mind from it and also make him do things that may keep his mind busy. After trying all these and he still wants more sex, I will cut the cord.

Amaechi Ann
It is a difficult thing to do because there are days a woman would not be in a mood for sex. Once a woman starts having children, there are bound to be distractions from the children. Some times they would be sick, while at other times they would be restless and times they would just keep you busy. During these times, a woman hardly relaxes let alone settles for sex. Nevertheless, if my man is a super stud, I will pray for him and do everything possible to get him out of it.

Mercy Otoide
If I notice before we get married, I will not marry him. It is better to avoid it than look for a way of escape. If you think you can change a man, you are making a big mistake. So, the only option is to flee from such a man.

Blessing Ekanem
I believe in the perfect will of God. If God gives me a man who is a super stud, it means that I have the solution to his problem. Once I have married him, I would do everything posisble to get him out of that habit because it is a habit. There is nothing prayer cannot do. However, I will try and satisfy him as much as I could because, the Bible says that the two should not deny themselves except on mutual agreement in order to give in for prayers.

Amarachi Ejimofor
I have never encountered such a man but if I ever do, I will try and find out how he got into it. If it is something he can stop, I will help him out but if it is something in his gene, I will quietly leave him. No matter how much I love him, I will not marry such a man that would give me heart attack.

Kayode Patience
I would not dare get close to such a man. It could be fun when you are just dating him, but for marriage, it is a difficult thing. I don’t pray for such a man anyway. Too much of everything is bad. Even the Bible talks about decency in everything. Sex is good between a husband and wife but it should be done moderately.

Ifeoma Chijioke
I will give it to him that he would get tired of it. Sometimes, you may think you are a champion in something until you meet someone greater than you. I like sex anytime any day. So, let him come.

Loreta Okereke
They say it is a man’s world. If that is what will make him happy, I will oblige but I will find time to make him realise that love is not all about sex. I will start by talking to him on things that will deviate him from such intent such as, diverting his attention to business matters and if he truely loves me very much, he will deviate.

Ifeoma Ogugua
If I have a man like that, I will do everything to satisfy him. You know it is not everywoman that likes sex but in a situation where your man depends on it, you have to give it to him. For me, satisfying him is the right thing to do to prevent him from practising infidelity.

Florence Ida
I will introduce so many girls to him so that he will satisfy his urge with them or I will drug him. But I pray never to meet such a man because it is abnormal.

Tayo Badmus
If he is my husband, I will blend with him, but if he is my boyfriend, I will tell him off.

Kemi Olatunji
When you are married to such a sex freak, what one will do is to blend. I will start learning to cope with his sex habit, though, it depends on the communication between the two of us. I will let him know that it will take time for me to blend or we will be using sex enhancer so that I will be able to match up with his sex habit.

I will tell him that he can get club girls at N300 and if he could afford it, he should go ahead because I don’t think I can cope with him.

Adetutu Gbadebo
Dating or marrying a super stud? God forbid! I can’t cope. Or do you want him to kill me?

I will talk to him, fight him and tell him to take it easy so he won’t kill himself with sex.

Should prostitution be legalized?
By Anthony Obi & Chekwube Ugwu

Prostitution, they say is the oldest profession on earth. While it is legalised in some countries, the issue of legalisation came up recently at the Senate. Since then, it has been a thing of contraversy. Saturday Sun sought the opinion of some people on the issue. They responded as follows.
Solomon F.
No, prostitution should be ostracised. It is not African.

Dayo Adamolekun
Sincerely speaking, I strongly oppose legalization of prostitution though there is no clear law prohibiting the act, but morally it is reprehensible. Apart from this, we should consider the health hazards, the risks involve and the diseases that are transmitted in the process. The act should be sanctioned and there should be a law prohibiting it.

Angel Ekanem
Legalizing prostitution? No! If it is legalized government will have an excuse to shy away from its responsibility of providing job for the unemployed youths. If the people who indulge in the illicit act are gainfully employed they will have no reason for selling their bodies to make ends meet. If a guy who goes about with sugar mummies and a lady who hangout in brothels have somewhere they earn enough money to cater for their needs, they won’t be lured by the immoral money they get from the act. Moreso, if it’s legalized many of these rich people would do anything to get money to splash on the desperate and needy unemployed youths to satisfy their selfish desire. It should not be legalized rather more job opportunity should be created.

Yinka Adenusi
I don’t think prostitution should be legalized. Legalizing prostitution will amount to increase in insecurity, which the government is still battling to eradicate. Though the situation in the country could be attributed to why some youths indulge in the act.

Femi Folowosele Johnson
It should be legalized. It will create job opportunity for some people since the government is not creating any employment. So, legalizing prostitution will create a legal means of livelihood to some people.

Afolabi Tayo
It should be legalized and probably be done in the way it is done in advanced countries. My reason is that somehow it cannot be totally eradicated. If you say it should not be legalized or may be a law should be enacted to catch and prosecute prostitutes, where will they start? Is it from the ones on the streets and brothels or the ones in the corporate world? Prostitution as far as I’m concerned cut across every sphere of profession in this country. Many of these social networks are also avenues where you can get prostitutes discreetly. They should just legalize it and let them pay taxes because that is the way it is done in advanced countries.

Abdulfatai Rasak
I don’t support legalizing prostitution because as an African man and a Nigerian it is against our culture and religion. Government I think should focus their attention on provision of jobs rather than deliberating on issues that mean nothing to the development of the country.

Ofor Ugwu
If it should be legalized here in Nigeria, Sodom and Gomora will be far better than this country. I strongly disagree with such proposal.

Nwodoh Uchenna
I was so disappointed after I recently read in the papers that the Senate President has moved for the legalization of prostitute in Nigeria . I am strongly against it. I bet you if prostitution is legalized in Nigeria, the next bone of contention would be legalization of gay marriage, cultism or armed robbery. Nigeria is so richly blessed and God still has so many good plans for this great country. If this kind of ills are legalized, it will cause God to erase His good plans for us. Thanks to the former president Olusegun Obasanjo for the introduction of G .S.M phone in Nigeria, if not, the rate of prostitution and armed robbery would be high. More jobs should be created to discourage and bring prostitution to minimal. Most of these girls that engage themselves in it do not do it for pleasure, but as a result of hardship and unemployment. They are exposed to sexual harassment, rape, sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Onah Benadine
We should be thinking of how to abolish prostitution and not to legalize it. Prostitution is a dirty business because of things involve. Some people go into it because of poverty, which is not a good reason for one to sell his or her body, while some because of laziness, but I want it to be abolished.

Osita Chukwuonye
Personally, I am not in support of it at all. God has created this world that when one grow-up he should go and marry. It is better for one to marry than selling his or her self in the market. Legalization of prostitution is not a good idea. It is an abomination in the sight of God. The main reason I do not support the legalization of prostitution is that I have a daughter and will not be happy if she goes into prostitution.

Ikecukwu Ogwe
Prostitution is not really bad or good. One thing I believe is that majority of them do it out of frustration and poverty. Many people are involved. Prostitutes are not only those in the hotels. Infact there are more of them at homes than in the hotels. Even the government officials are involved in it. If things are moving well in Nigeria, many people will not go into it.

Chinyere Ogbonna
Some people take it as their own business, but I believe that human beings should have something doing rather than selling their bodies. My shop is opposite their hotel and I have talked with many of them. Some of them do it out of condition, laziness, etc. I want it to be abolished so that they go and look for some thing to do. They do not care about marriage. They are insultive. Some are very internal sickness. They even use charms on men. Some are brought from the village by other girls to the hotels and may not have transport to go back. Other hindrances will make them remain their until they adapt to it. Even policemen are involved. They go to them and collect their own share of money.

Innocent Ogbonna
Prostitution is caused by laziness. Some of them say they are doing it because of poverty. Some abandon it after making a lot of money because some men spend any thing just to sleep with them. Some of them do not care about their life any more.
Some can not sleep one night without a man, so with money or not, they will sleep with any man available that night. It is not work and should not be legalized.

Manasseh Kyuga
I object to that. If one wants to marry, let him or her marry and settle down. Legalising prostitution will brings more harm than good. It will bring danger to younger generation. It will bring more diseases and many other problems. Once a teenager is exposed to sexual life, he should take himself as a grown person. Even the bible says that marriage is honourable when the bed is undefiled.

Mike Ava Gadin
I highly stand against It. It should not be legalised for any reason. It is a sin that causes more harm than good. Moreover, fornication is prohibited for Christians. It will cause a lot of damages to the nation if legalised. Damages like high crime rate, corruption, destitute, over population, kidnapping, robbery, irresponsibility in society, low security level, increase in poverty level, illiteracy, exposure to veneral diseases, etc.

Nneka Chukwunaeye
Prostitution should not be legalised because it is part of corruption. It is not morally acceptable and as far as I am concerned, it is not going work. The government should rather provide jobs, arrest them and ask them to go and work because most people involved are between 20 and 25 years old. One of their reasons is unemployment. Most prostitutes have turned into armed rubbers, Informants, kidnapers, etc. Most of them did not even finish primary school.

 Would you change the size of your breast if you had a choice?
 By Rachael Agunta, Anthony Obi & Chekwube Ugwu

Loveth Anozie
Sometimes, people have something and wished they never had. Some are made in a particular way and they wished it was the other way. This happens in every sphere of life. Saturday Sun went to town to ask women, if they would have changed the size of their breats, if they had the choice. It is interesting.
Chinyere Akabuilo
I won’t change it. I like it the way it is because, it is portable and succulent. The size of my breast is in line with my shape and everything. If it were smaller, it wouldn’t have been okay and if it were bigger, it would be out of shape. So, I like it the way it is. I am not looking odd after all.

Korie Chinyere
If I had a choice, I would have changed it because, there are some kind of brazier that I like but because my breast is not too small in size, I could not wear them. So, I think that I would have done that.

Joy Ike
No, I will not even go there. I have never thought of it or have never liked the size. Naturally, I don’t like big breasts. People that have big breasts are usually out of shape. Moreover, big breasts amounts to one looking for extraordinary dresses that one would be comfortable in. Mine is moderate and I like it that way.

Inemesit Edem
God forbid! Thank God that I don’t have a choice. I like the way I am including the size of my breast. I also think that people have choices because, those who are not comfortable with theirs do something to make it big. For me, I am beautifully made meaning that God who gave me this size knows the best for me. I don’t like artificial things.

Elizabeth Ushie
If I had a choice, I will not change the size of my breast. I prefer it the way it is because, it goes with my body size. I would have been feeling ashamed if I have small body with big breasts. We all have choices but enlarging or pomping breasts could be dangerous. If my breast should increase more than it is now, I will be out of shape. I like it the way it is.

Loveth Anozie
No, because of the after effect. It is a gift from God which should not be changed. Changing it might cause problems in the future. Many people are surfering because of this. I don’t want the aftereffect. Moreover I am okay with the size of my own.

Chinwendu Nwanze
If I have the opportunity I will change it and make it smaller and portable so as to be more prettier.

Chioma Elile
I prefer the way my breast is. It is God’s gift to me and I will not change it for any reason.

Victoria Akadieze
No, I can’t do such a thing. I appreciate my breast the way it is. Even if I undergo surgery, it may come up with a side effect. I prefer it the way God created it.

Maureen Anyanwu
I don’t think I can change my breast for any reason, even though my breast is too small. I cannot endenger my life to make it bigger. Ithink God has a purpose for that.

Esther Paul
No! I won’t because everything that has advantage also has disadvantage. I will rather live it the way God created it because if I try to enlarge my breast inorder to make it attractive to men, I may at the same time be exposing myself to the dreadful cancer epidermic. So. I won’t even if i have every opportunity to do so.

Damilola Mudashiru
Enlarging my breast, to me means I am telling God that He did not do a perfect job. I cann’t do breast boosting for any reason.

Can you go out with your ex-spouse’s brother?
By Anthony Obi

 Marriage is for better for worse. However, there are some cases where the spouses decide to separate or divorce each other. As a result, couples involved may decide to live their lives the way they like. If you find yourelf in such a situation, would you go out with your ex-spouse’s brother? 
I can’t go out again with any of his relatives let alone his brother, having dated someone from their family which didn’t end well. What is the tendency that the brother will be different? The fact is that I can’t.

Olayemi Olusola
It depends on the kind of relationship that exists between both of us. If it was a platonic one, I will go ahead and date the brother because he may have been the one that will introduce me to the brother. But if we are having something very serious and something happens and we split, I won’t have anything to do with the brother. It is wrong to do such a thing.

Vera Olekamma
I can’t do it whether his is elder or younger brother because the memory of whatever that might have caused the break-up with my ex still lingers. So, dating or going out with the brother will be reopening the old wound.

Bukky Yakub
Going out with my ex-boyfriend’s brother? God forbid bad thing! I can’t date his brother. No matter how rich his brother may be, it can not attract  me to commit such an abominable act. I can only do that if I didn’t know he was his brother. You know some guys don’t let you know their families when you are in a relationship. It is only in such circumstance I can do that.

Bolaji Olorisade 
If I have broken up with a guy, I don’t think I will have anything to do with any of his siblings or family. So, I can’t do it.

Jumoke Bakare
It is absurd and very wrong. Besides, I don’t think that is done anywhere in the world. But if people do it, it is wrong and unhealthy. I can’t endulge myself in such a mess.

If he is approaching me to start going out with him after I have jilted or his brother has jilted me, I can’t, because it will mean messing myself up. I can only give it a partial consideration if he is proposing to marry me.

Tosin Akinfenwa
A member of that family being my ex-partner has closed the door to any other member of the family. Something may have caused the break-up which may be hurting. There must have been some harsh exchanges. It doesn’t speak well of any lady to do such a thing. Besides, there are so many guys out there for one to make her choice.

Honesty Tessy
To me, it doesn’t make any sense. I know every member of the family. Why should I want to have anything to do with any of them? No, I can’t do that.

Modupe Daniel
I can’t do something so disgusting as to be going out with my ex-spouse’s brother. It won’t speak well of me as a lady. Any lady that indulges herself in such a mess should be taken to a psychiatric hospital.

Jolaoso Oluwaseun
I can’t date my ex-boyfriend’s brother because it may cause enmity between the two brothers and if I eventually marry him, I may not have a happy home.

Aloysius Charity
It is possible if we love each other and if my ex-spouse is no more interested in me and I don’t have any feeling for him anymore.  We will go ahead, but I will seek the consent of my ex first to know if he will agree. Then I will enquire if it is not a taboo in his family and mine.

Owolabi Fatima 
I can’t do it for any reason. Firstly, I will not be free with him at all because my conscience will be pricking me. Secondly, it is unethical in my tradition. I will think that people will make jest of me. Please, I can’t just do it.

Folasade Adebayo
In the past, people inherited their late brothers’ wives. Once the husband is dead, the wife becomes the property of any of his brothers, but civilization has taught us that it is wrong. I can not do it because it is barbaric. People will see her as a slut.

Ngozi Eze
He can take me out on friendship grounds at least. The fact that I am no longer married to his brother does not mean I should be at logger-heads with other members of his family. But if the brother abuses the chance by attaching strings as in taking it outside mere friendship, then I will tell him off and put an end to any relationship with their family.

Who reaches orgasm first?
By Rachael Agunta

Sex is an act that is meant to be enjoyed by both partners. For the men, they enjoy it anytime because they would always reach orgasm while for the women, majority don’t let alone knowing when they do. However, the most important thing is that both should reach orgasm. Saturday Sun went to town to ask people who reach orgasm first between them and their partners. They responded as follows.

Shola Salako

Are you aware that most women don’t even know when they are coming? I won’t be wrong if I say that I come first.

Chiamaka Nwokedi

I come first before my partner. If I don’t come first, how would I enjoy it then? But it depends on my mood because if I am not in the mood, I cannot come no matter how long you last there.

Chioma Okeke

I can come as many times as possible before my husband finally comes. When a man comes, it brings the show to an end. So, I come before him.


I think men should allow their women come first. Except for the ones who do not know whether they reach orgasm or not. From experience, I know that the two people involved can even come at the same time because; some women come when the man is coming.

Nzube Obidiaso

We both come.

Chinweike Chiagozie

All I can say is that we both enjoy each other

Aguson Gabriel

My wife comes first and that is how it ought to be

Uzor Uzor

We both come together

Patricia Taiwo

I don’t ever allow my husband beat me to that. Infact, he knows that he cannot challenge me when it comes to that. He makes sure he satisfies me by asking for my permission before coming. If I tell him that I still want to come, he would keep withdrawing until, I am filled.

Paulinus Alum

There is nothing you would do to my wife that would make her reach orgasm. I have asked her serverally if she does and she would just be looking at me. I don’t even know how to help her but I know that I enjoy having fun with her. Moreover, since it does not stop her from taking in, I do not bother.

Sandra Peters

My mood determines how I come. If I like the man I am doing it with, I will come before him. But if I am doing it for money, I don’t care who comes first.

Mercy Micheal

Things like that don’t bother me. I try as much as possible, to be satisfied whenever I am doing it.

Nelson Ozor

If I come before her, then I am cheating her. I allow her come first.

Kayode Idris

Whether I come first or she comes, the most important thing should be that we are both satisfied.

Ejiro Daniel

Of course, she comes first. My coming ends the show.

Would you operate a joint account with your spouse? 

The idea of operating a joint account among couples has torn some families apart while to some, it is the best thing that has happened, as it helps the woman in the smooth running of the home even when the man is not around. Although some don’t reach agreement on how it should be run or how and money should be withdrawn, others discuss and agree on terms. However, is it right for couples to operate a joint account? Saturday Sun went to town to ask people and below are their responses.


Sure, but I think it should be for the children’s upbringing which shouldn’t stop both parties from having personal accounts.

Austine Mercy Okey Chijioke

I want to declare it loud and clear, both in black berry or any berry for that matter that, I can operate joint account with my spouse. It is sheer lack of trust, fidelity and love that militates against couple doing things as sensitive as this issue under study aside sexual relations. I am of the opinion that if spouses can’t go the whole hog to trust and love each other in almost all facets of their marital life, they should really examine where they are coming from.

Mike Uchechukwu

I will not operate a joint account with her but I can open a separate account for her and be depositing some money into it monthly, from where so could take care of herself. The two major reasons being that I won’t want my wife to know exactly how much I have because, such knowledge may make her misbehave. If she knows how much I have, she may start withdrawing money from the account without my permissions or even withdraw so much money. If the account is separate, the operator of the account will be accountable for the money. I will always assist her as a responsible husband. The second reason is that if she is contributing more, it would look as if she is working for me and that can even make her look down on me.

Albert mmaduka

I believe that as soon as I wed a woman, she has become a part of me. If that is so, then, nothing should stop me from having a joint account with her. If I marry a wife, automatically, what belongs to me also belongs to her. It is for the good of the family that we operate a joint account so that if I travel and there is an urgent need, she can withdraw money from the account and solve the problem before I come back. On this note, I will operate a joint account with my wife.

Stanley Onyeanusi

I cannot operate a joint account with my spouse because I have my personal idea about how to run the finance of the home and she has an idea too, on how to run a home. It is the responsibility of the man to finance his family through his wife but not to operate a joint account. A lot is involved in having a joint account with one’s spouse. For instance, if I am on a business trip outside Lagos, I would need her to come and sign her signature before I could withdraw money to transact a business. In short, I would prefer that she run her account while I run mine. It won’t stop us from having a stable intimate relationship.

Uzoma Onuoha

It is very important that a husband and wife should operate a joint account. My wife is mine and I believe that what should be her greatest priority would be how to run a peaceful and successful home. Having a joint account will help us to know how much we have and how to manage our expenses.

Gabriel mkpuruoma

The Bible says that what God has joined, no man should put asunder. She is a part of me, therefore, I need not to hide anything from her. I will have a personal account but the joint is important. Tomorrow is unknown, therefore, if I am not there, she can manage and cope with what is there without struggles. Nobody is praying for death but it is inevitable.

Kelvin Emmanuel

I won’t operate a joint account with my wife because there is need for privacy. I would also allow her operate hers as a sign of respect for her and to myself as well so that it does not look as if we are monitoring each other. I don’t subscribe to the idea of a joint account but a family account where we save money for the upkeep of the family.

 Have you ever doubted your husband’s love?
By Rachael Agunta, Eunice kalu and Sophia Nwagwu

The bedrock of a lasting relationship is trust. When spouses trust themselves, they would hardly be separated because they believe whatever they tell each other. That is for some, but to others, there is no element of trust. There is doubt as to whether there is love as a result of one’s attitude to the other. Saturday Sun went to town to ask people if they have ever doubted their spouses’ love. They responded as follows:
Olajumoke Itebe
I have never and I pray not to because we understand each other. Moreover, he performs his duties as a husband and does not neglect his responsibilities. What else should I want from him? A man can be doubted if he does not take care of his family when he has the resources to do so.
Lizzy Otton
I have not for once doubted his love for me because he is a God-fearing man. He has never given me room to suspect him. He is always at home whenever he should. He does the things he should at all times. Most importantly, he meets up with his responsibilities.
Oby Ukeoma
I don’t have a man yet. So, I have never doubted anyone’s love. I am not married and I am not into any relationship. It is against my faith to date a man before marriage. That notwitstanding, I pray not to have any reason to doubt my spouse’s love when it eventually happens.
Chinyere Nnadi
No, I have not doubted him for once. He is my husband and I know the man I married. I trust him and he trusts me as well. We know our do’s and don’t’s, honour and respect each other. I am glad I have him.
Chinyere Uzoechi
We are truthful to each other. He has never told me something and I found it to be a lie. When a man is cheating on the wife, he starts telling little lies, keeping late. In fact, there would be a change of attitude in him. I don’t have any reason to doubt him.
Yes, there are times you notice some things that make you suspect that maybe he is having an affair. The first time I saw something like that was when I was trying to use my spouse’s phone to make a call, then his phone rang. I picked it and the lady said hello. Then I kept quite to hear what the lady would say. So, the lady called again and I didn’t pick it anymore. What I did was to delete the lady’s number and cleared the received call because I don’t want my spouse to call the lady again. After that incident, I never confronted my spouse about it. There was a particular number that whenever it calls him, he runs outside to pick it. He apologized anyway, but I actually felt bad.
Ngozi Adiele
I am among the few fortunate ones. I have never doubted my spouse, because I even think he is not accountable to me. Whether I am there or not, he is accountable to God. If he is a man of God as he claims to be, he should keep his vow.
Peace Eli
Not at all and have not any cause to

Would you stay with your husband if he can’t bear children?By Rachael Agunta, Anthony Obi and Mercy Cornelius

As soon as a man and woman get married, the next thing that is expected of them is to start bearing children. However, if the woman discovers that her partner is suffering from infertility, what would be her next line of action? This question was put to some women and their reactions are as follows.
Edem inemesit
I will marry him on one condition. If I receive from the Lord to go ahead, I will without blinking eyes. Although, procreation is not the basis for marriage, I would rather marry the one that would give me a child in order to fulfill that the biblical injunction that we should be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. I am a human, so I will always want to have a child.
Korie Chinyere
The joy of marriage is the fruitfulness. That is the word of God. He said we should multiply and be fruitful. So, if the man is unable, where would the joy come from? How would the joy be full? I will not marry a man that can’t give me a child except that I did not find out before getting into the marriage.
Joy Ike
I will marry him because God can do all things. Psalm 128 says that He would bless us. Come to think of it, God says in Exodus 23 vs 26 that none shall be barren in the land. I know that God’s word does not fail, so I will marry him. Also in Psalm 127 vs 3, the Bible says, children are the heritage of the Lord. I believe strongly that the God who says that He would give children would do so.
Esther Olorunmola
Children are not the only criteria for marriage. I am not only getting married because I want to procreate. Marriage is a union between two people for companionship, mutual understanding and love. If I marry a man because he can give me children and the love is not there, what have I gained? I will get into a marriage because I will have peace, joy and fulfillment from it and not because I would have children.
Grace Paul
I cannot dare it because the purpose of marriage procreation. If I won’t get such from a man, there is no need going in there. I know the pains that come with childlessness. So, why would I get into it with my two eyes open! If I did not know earlier, it is a different thing. On the other hand, if I love a man deeply, I can marry him if the courage is there.
Olorunwa Odunsi
I can live with him in as much as I love him because I believe love conquereth all.
Lovita Jaiyeola
I will stay or still be in the marriage if he is sincere enough to tell me his problem before we get married. Most of the problem of infertility comes from men but they don’t acknowledge it. I could remember one of my neighbours then that was sent out of the house by her husband because she could not bear a child and the husband re-married. Funny enough, some years later, this woman came with her child to our compound while the ex-husband’s new wife was still childless.
I can’t marry a man who cannot father a child because after love, is children. So, since he can’t give me what I want, I think he should look elsewhere.
I will stay with him provided I can pray for him because what God has joined, let no man put asunder, even childlessness. What is the probability that when I leave him for someone else, the second person won’t have the same problem? So, I will keep praying for him.

I will stay with him on the condition that he will allow me go outside and have children for another man and the children will still bear his name, but if he refuses, then I will leave him and go elsewhere. And I expect him to be happy because I am doing him a favour.
Chisom Udeozo

ould you marry a man who disappoints you on your wedding day, if he comes back?
 Disappointment is like a wound that takes a long time to heal. Even when it does, the scar is always there. Whenever the victim sees it, he or she remembers the incident. Of course, people react to issues differently. They responded as follows.

Chisom Udeozo
If I love the guy and I am still unmarried, I will still marry him. As for my parents, friends and those concerned, with time, they would understand.
Shola Erebowale
If he has the courage to come back after the disappointment, I will ask him why he did that in the first place. If his explanations are reasonable, I will forgive him and go ahead with the wedding. But if his explanations are not reasonable enough, I will ask him to go and accept the disappointment in good faith. I will just see it that it is not the will of God for me because, if it were His will, nothing would have stopped it.
Ifeoma Nduka
I will not marry him. Not after the disgrace and shame he would have brought to me and my family at large. Disappointing me on my wedding day would be the greatest shock I would ever get in life. It is something one cannot get over in haste. If a man disappoints me on my wedding day, I will wait for another man.
Friday Helen
The love that made me to have wanted to marry him would also make me to accept him if he comes back. Love does not die easily. It bears and endures all things including disappointment.
Olaiya Harbiolar
If he has a genuine reason for disappointing me, I can marry him. But if he just felt like doing it to satisfy his selfish desires, I will forget about him. I will simply take it that it is not God’s will for me.
Kemi Abimbola
I don’t think that I will marry him. I will leave him for God to judge him. Nevertheless, if such happens, I will first and foremost leave the environment and relocate to another area, so that it will be easy for me to forget it and live a new life. Then, I will start asking God to give me a God-fearing, kind and caring man.
Linda Ogadinma
I will not marry him after he had disappointed himself and not me. Why would he come back? Is he the only man? As he goes, another would replace him. So, by the time he would come back, there won’t be room for him. Moreover, for him to disappoint me in the first place means that it is not the will of God for me. I will just see it that God did not want me to make a mistake. I will not marry him at all. I will allow him to go with his bad luck while I wait for my missing rib.
Cecilia Agboola
I will not marry a man who disappointed me on my wedding day if he comes back later. If he likes, let him come with all his town’s men, I will not. The charm that made him to disappoint me, will still be working in him. So, the best thing is for him to go his way.
Justine Okpeyemi
No. If I do, he will still repeat the same thing.
Favour Kanu
There is nothing wrong with marrying a man who first disappointed me. If he still thinks that I am his wife, and comes back, I will gladly accept him. It is even better if he did that because of another woman and later realized that I am the best. If such happens, he would treat me with care.
Titi Daniels
I will not marry him. If I do, he will not respect me. He may always make reference to that. He would think that men are not easy to come by, if not, why didn’t I marry before he came back? Although, it depends on how long he stayed before coming back.
Chinyere Okeke
I don’t see anything wrong with that if he comes back. It is even better if both of us share and live with the shame.
Matina ezeh
I will pour hot water on him if he dare gets close to me. I would want to prove to him that he is not the only man on earth. So, to hell with him if such happens.
Abubakar Miriam
I don’t know whether I will marry him or not. I don’t also pray for such because it will take eternity for me to forgive him.
Grace Ekong
A man that will have the guts to abandon me on our wedding, must be a terrorist, deceiver, liar and also a heart breaker. How can I accept him back after putting me to shame by embarrassing me before the public, my parents and his own parents? As for me, I will see this act that he is not destined for me, so God will console me first before others do. If I should accept him back, the worst could happen despite the love that is there. For me not to go to early grave, I will call it quit. God will provide someone that is destined for me.

How did you spend the first night with your spouse this year?
 By Vivian Onyebukwa, Rachael Agunta and Nkechi-Chima Onyele


Making it to a new year is something people look forward to. It has always been a thing of joy to everyone. The first night of the year would no doubt, have a lot of activities, as partners see it as a special one. 

Kate Thomas
I spent it alone. My partner was not around. The night was boring and lonely. I needed someone to tell me sweet words but he was not there. I felt bad but all the same, I appreciated God for giving me that privilege to cross over.
Anumaka Chinenye
I prayed with my husband. We discussed how the year would be. After a long talk, when we felt we had settled issues, we went to bed and made love.
Joy Odega
Fortunately, I don’t have a physical partner. I have a spiritual partner, Jesus, who is the husband of the widow. I spent the night with Him. I was telling Him how sweet He has been since He married me, how He has taken care of me and my children and that He has never hurt me. I spoke with Him at length and I slept off.
Patrick Ekechukwu
It was a thing of joy to cross over to a new year. It is not by any man’s will but that of the Lord. For couples, it was supposed to be a night of reconciliations, discussions, setting of targets for the year, and renewing of marriage vows. It was a night of assessment of how they took care of themselves in the past year. So, it was a glorious night. For me, I have never stopped loving and caring for my wife and children. That night, we saw it as a night of appreciating each other.
Amarachi Ejimofor
I was not in any man’s hands. I went to visit my sister that day and I passed the night with her. So, nothing serious except that we discussed how we wanted the year to be for us. We discussed our family and we arrived at what we would do in order to have a successful year. After much discussions, we retired to bed.
Favour Peters
It was fun galore. My husband and I were happy that we crossed over to a new year. We acknowledged the fact that it was not by our power. We talked, chatted and played. The night was full of fun and enjoyment. We did all we knew. We made love passionately and appreciated each other. We renewed our love and promised to keep each other happy always. I wished that the day would never break. Being in his hands was lovely.
Azubuike Ogaraku
It was a special night. Usually, first night of the year has always been a special night for my wife and I. It was a night of fun. I admired, cherished and promised her my unlimited love. After much appreciation, we retired to bed.
Victoria Ejimofor
We spent the night praying to God. It was quite a difficult year for us financially, but we thanked God for keeping us alive to see the new year year despite all the difficuties we passed through during the year. It was a glorious night.
Sandra Chimezie
Unfortunately, my husband travelled outside the country. We chatted on Facebook throughout the night till the next day because I missed him so much. It wasn’t as romantic as being together physically. Even though we were seeing each other on the internet, I missed every romantic moment we shared. But because he was not around, I slept alone.
Chika Ekechukwu
Each night is a special night for us because we have never stopped loving each other. We have never stopped appreciating each other since we got married. He is such a kind, caring and wonderful husband and father. We showed appreciation to God for seeing us through the new year but not that we did what we have never done previously. We appreciate each other on a daily basis and I prefer it that way.

 What special gifts have you given to your spouse?

Sandra Johnson
If there is one thing I like doing, it is showering my spouse with gifts. I do not have a particular period. Any time I see something that I like, I buy it for him. I have given him perfume, singlet, boxers, etc. These are the ones I can remember now. I don’t wait for a particular time to give him gifts. I do it anytime I like depending on my mood.

Shelle Fatima
I can remember giving him perfume and underwears. We shower each other with gifts as a sign of our love and appreciation towards each other. He just came back from Ghana and gave me a wrist watch. He often gives me perfumes, handsets, etc. We just do it and it has become part of us.

Bankole Akeem
Whatever that would make my wife look good, I buy it for her. During festive periods like Christmas, I always make sure that I shower her with gift items that would make her look cute. I don’t like my wife to look unkempt. The gifts I love giving her are dresses, shoes, jewellery and underwears. I feel good each time men admire her. If men don’t admire her, it means that I don’t take care of her. I wouldn’t like her to look at other women and feel jealous and at the same time, I wouldn’t like her to go outside to get what I neglect to give her. So, I shower her with lots of gifts.

Abigail Akunezili
I am not a gift person but I have given him underwears. It is my husband that is always giving me gifts. He buys something he likes for me and I am always happy each time he surprises me with gifts.

Ogechi Offormezie
I have not bought my husband any gift, though I intend giving him a memorable gift because it is the season of celebration. I will buy it for him when I go shopping because haven’t shopped for Christmas. I have been very busy but I will find time to do so before Christmas day.

Olajire Ishola
The special gift ever given to my wife is my love.

Gladys Johnson
I intend buying him a wristwatch because he adores wristwatch and I think he will appreciate it. Though he has bought me a wristwatch as Christmas gift and I appreciated it because I needed it. So, I will buy him the same kind of wristwatch because he would expect such a gift from me.

Ebele Chimezie
I will buy my sweetheart boxers and singlet because he is a very loving person. He deserves it. He showers me with gifts, so I don’t relent during celebration of love like Christmas and Valentine. We always give each other gifts, but this season is exceptional.

Amaka Okoro
I can’t remember buying him any gift and I don’t intend giving him a gift because I believe Christmas is a season when we should concentrate more on our spiritual lives than sharing gifts.

Mike E.
My spouse has always been my hand- bag and my special gift to her at Christmas is a diamond necklace, a pair of shoes and a dress to match.
This will make her believe that I care, and that my love for her will never die.

Lanre Ajeboriogbon
Just my love

Thankgod Isiguzo
I buy gifts for my wife anytime. I don’t have any special day to buy gift for her.

How long could you abstain from sex?

Photo: Sun News Publishing

In marriages and lives of adults, sex means so much and so much interest is attached to it. In some homes, problems arise over disagreement between partners on sex.
While some are addicts of sex to the extent of procuring it with coercion as in rape or its attempt, some are passive, docile and cold and rarely tilt towards it unless pressed. It is, therefore, vital to hear from adults how long they can possibly stay off sex under normal circumstances, and here are their responses.
Chibuzor Kingsley
It depends on individuals. It depends on how one’s body system works. One can stay for as long as possible provided the body system allows it. I have never been lonely. So, I wouldn’t tell for sure, how long I can abstain from sex but I also know that if there is a reason for me to be alone without a woman, I can stay because sex is not really my priority.
Nneka Okoli
As for me, I enjoy sex. If I have a man in my life, I can bubble with him but if anything happens and I am without a man, I can stay till I get someone. One thing I like myself for is that I cannot go to bed with a man I don’t have feelings for. In fact, not for anything. So, I can stay for a very long time if I am not in love.
Abiola Johnson
Sex is an act that happens when two people are in love. Although some useless men go against a woman’s will to have sex with her but it is not ideal. I personally appreciate sex but not to the extent that I cannot stay without it. I am not yet addicted to it, so I can abstain for years if the situation arises.
Martha Gabriel
I don’t even do it. I am waiting to be married before I venture into it. For as long as it takes my husband to come, that is the much I can abstain. For now, no sex before marriage. I am also believing God that it won’t be long and he would surface.
Ethel Anyanwu
I enjoy sex so much that I don’t think I can stay for two months without it. Being a married man whose wife is always around, I feel her and when I do, I go for sex. If I don’t love my wife, it is a different thing and that could result in staying for so long a time. Loving her has really been fun and I am happy about it.
Georgina Ibe
I can stay away from sex for over six months though, it depends on my state of mind at the period. I don’t think having sex is so important that you won’t live without it. It actually depends on individuals.
Okereke Mother
Sex is not something I place high premium on, though it is a natural thing. But I could stay for years without making love and I don’t think I would die if I don’t have sex with a man.
Chika Okoro
I have stayed off sex for over six months but I have not done it for a year because I am a man and you know sex is a natural thing which we can’t run away from. Even if you stay away from it for sometime, you will still make love again. In fact, as a man, I can’t do without sex. Whenever I feel like making love and I am with a woman, I fulfill my desire. I can’t stay away from sex for long.
Chibuike Okeke
I have stayed off sex for over four months when I was asked by my pastor to go on fasting and praying. Though it wasn’t easy for me as a man because my body was heavy, when I eventually made love after the period, it was as if I was newly deflowered.
Gloria Kanu
I don’t have sex always, so it is not a do-or-die affair. I have stayed without making love to my husband for over five years because he travelled abroad. It is not easy for me because I felt really bad whenever I remember how my husband used to make love to me especially from behind. What would I do? I just had to be myself as a woman and a wife. I am actually missing him. Only God knows how I will feel the day he will make love to me again because I am now tight. I don’t feel really happy about it and it is not in my character to be unfaithful to someone I love especially the man who paid my bride price.

source: The Sun




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Editor's Mail

Love the article on Gaddafi
We must rise above tribalism & divide & rule of the colonialist who stole & looted our treasure & planted their puppets to lord it over us..they alone can decide on whosoever is performing & the one that is corrupt..but the most corrupt nations are the western countries that plunder the resources of other nations & make them poorer & aid the rulers to steal & keep such ill gotten wealth in their country..yemen,syria etc have killed more than gadhafi but its not A̷̷̴ good investment for the west(this is laughable)because oil is not in these countries..when obasanjo annihilated the odi people in rivers state, they looked away because its in their favour & day! Samosa Iyoha

Hello from
I was amazed to find a website for Africans in Hungary.
Looks like you have quite a community there. Here in SA we have some three million Zimbabweans living in exile and not much sign of going home ... but in Hungary??? Hope to meet you on one of my trips to Europe; was in Steirmark Austria near the Hungarian border earlier this month. Every good wish for 2011. Geoff in Jo'burg

I'm impressed by
ANH work but...
Interesting interview...
I think from what have been said, the Nigerian embassy here seem to be more concern about its nationals than we are for ourselves. Our complete disregard for the laws of Hungary isn't going to help Nigeria's image or going to promote what the Embassy is trying to showcase. So if the journalists could zoom-in more focus on Nigerians living, working and studying here in Hungary than scrutinizing the embassy and its every move, i think it would be of tremendous help to the embassy serving its nationals better and create more awareness about where we live . Taking the issues of illicit drugs and forged documents as typical examples.. there are so many cases of Nigerians been involved. But i am yet to read of it in So i think if only you and your journalists could write more about it and follow up on the stories i think it will make our nationals more aware of what to expect. I wouldn't say i am not impressed with your work but you need to be more of a two way street rather than a one way street . Keep up the good work... Sylvia

My comment to the interview with his excellency Mr. Adedotun Adenrele Adepoju CDA a.i--

He is an intelligent man. He spoke well on the issues! Thanks to Mr Hakeem Babalola for the interview it contains some expedient information.. B.Ayo Adams click to read editor's mail
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